Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gwynnie Bee: Plus Size Summer Day Looks

While we are having a bit of a cool down in Sacramento right now, the weather has been SO HOT!  I've been wearing a ton of dresses because it is quite frankly much too hot to match two pieces of clothing together.  I seriously cannot.  Does anyone else feel that way?  I'm already bummed to be changing out of my pajamas that I just cannot bother with picking out and matching an outfit.  I really most of the time can't bother with accessories either.  

Over the summer, I relied really heavily on my Gwynnie Bee subscription to rent dresses so I could wear dresses all the time, keep cool, and not look like I'm always wearing the same thing.  Gwynnie Bee is an online subscription service for clothing sizes 10-32.  I would say their specialty is plus size even though I would call a size 10 a straight size.  (I am a Gwynnie Bee affiliate, if you sign up for a free trial through my link I get a referral bonus to help offset the cost of doing these posts.  Thank you for any support that you give me and my blog!)  I love dresses because they are easy to pull on and you look pulled together.  Also, if you find a floor air conditioning vent you can very easily cool off.  I'm just saying.  

Through my summer of wearing dresses I've decided a few things.  First, I LOVE fit and flare style dresses!  They suit my plus sized apple shaped body well and makes me the most comfortable.  Second, I do NOT like tea length or midi dresses.  Oddly enough the longer length makes me look super short.  I think this is because I have a long torso and short legs so the lack of leg showing makes me look more stumpy.  I think knee length or just below is good on me.  Lastly, any dress can be made exponentially better with POCKETS!  Amirite??  

Ever since we moved into a house with a giant lemon tree, I love lemons!  Is that a weird reason to like lemons?  I think I just realized how useful and underrated they are.  I had to rent this Effie's Heart Dolce Vita Dress in Citrus.  It just screams summer.  This dress is so flattering!  I'm amazed at how nice it looks on!    

I wanted to try something different so I went with a white and grey dress which is lighter than my usual color choices.  It's also a knit fabric which is a bit different too.  This is the Robbie Bee Contrasting Chevron Print Dress in Gray.  It's a cute summery dress but I don't think it's my style.  I did feel comfortable in it but I wish it was a little more fitted.

If you know me, you know I am really passionate about working with Unravel Pediatric Cancer.  Our inspiration is my friend Libby's angel daughter Jennifer (JLK).  Any time I see a watermelon print or anything with a watermelon on it, I think of how JLK said that she thought heaven smelled like watermelons.  I probably should have kept this Corey Tessa Dress in Watermelon Print.  I actually wore it to a dinner at a vineyard and got tons of compliments.  It's a really beautiful dress with a lovely sheen.  Some of the seeds even look like hearts.  (Yes, I'm having major regret about not keeping this dress.)

I love the look of a classic black and white dress.  This is the Sangria Texture Knit Fit and Flare.  While I think this dress photographs ok on me, in person I felt so short due to the length.  I do love the print and the texture didn't bother me.

In case you haven't noticed, I love a fruit print!  I don't know what to tell you.  This Effie's Heart Oui Dress in Strawberry drew me in because of the print.  And the pockets.  It was super comfortable and easy to wear.

What do you like to wear in the summer?  Do you have tips for keeping cool?  Let me know since it usually stays hot here until about Halloween.

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  1. I love ALL of these dresses! they looks so good on you!

  2. I've always wondered how the dress rental set ups work. Love these selections!

  3. Super cute, I love all of these dresses!

  4. I agree, pockets are the best! And I also love the right around the knee length on you, very flattering. Also, that gray and white dress is gorgeous on you!! I love it.

  5. Beautiful dresses! My favorites are the shift dress and the watermelon dress! These are perfect for staying cool in the summer!