Monday, August 7, 2017

How I Keep My Mermaid Hair Fresh

A few years ago, I said if we could raise $1600 for Unravel Pediatric Cancer that I would die my hair pink.  We were able to raise the money and I got a pink peak-a-boo ombre.  From there, it was a slippery slope.  I became obsessed with colorful hair and I haven't been back to brown for a few years because what kind of unicorn has brown hair?  Over the years, I've worked out a technique (with the help of a few friends) to keep my color looking fresh for as long as possible.

I will be sharing products (using affiliate links, meaning if you buy using the link I provide I get a very small commission) and techniques that work for me.  I've talked to my stylist and these techniques should work for most people even if your hair isn't colored a wild color.  If you have additional tips, please let me a comment!

1. Only wash every few days.  I have oily hair and I try to only wash every 3 days.  I used dry shampoo in between washes.  My current favorite is Batiste Dry Shampoo.  I keep trying others but I go back to this one.
2.  Avoid sun.  If you're going to be in the sun for long periods of time, wear a large hat.  The sun fades your color.
3. Avoid chlorine.  If you're swimming in the pool, you can wet your hair with regular shower water first to help your hair absorb less chlorine.  If you want to really protect your hair, wear a swim cap.
4. Avoid dandruff shampoo, this strips color super fast.  If you're looking to strip color, I think this is one of the safer and more cost effective ways to do it.

Washing Technique:
1. Coat hair with Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer.  I work this into the length of my hair until it all feels coated.  I avoid my scalp because I have an oily scalp and I want the shampoo to clean out the oil on my scalp.  
2. Put hair up into a bun while showering.  I do my typical messy bun.  Leave your hair in the bun while you shave, wash, exfoliate, etc... 
3. When you're ready to wash your hair, switch the water to cold.  I can tolerate pretty cold water but if you can't at least get it to lukewarm or room temp.  The cold water pulls less color out of your hair.  
4. Take out your bun and wash using color safe shampoo and conditioner.  I use Joico Color Therapy. I have used various kinds of color safe shampoo/conditioner and this is the only one that makes my hair feel clean while not stripping my color.  A lot of the other brands leave gross build up on my scalp.  
5. Towel dry and spray Privana Nevo Color Lock Leave-In Protectant.  Not only does this lock in my color but it makes my hair feel really smooth.  My hair feels a lot more course and rough after color treating.  This product makes it feel more like it did before I bleached it and made it into mermaid hair.  
6. Style however you like.  

Bonus: In the second smaller open bottle of conditioner, I'm showing you the tinted conditioner that I asked my stylist to make for me.  If you quick fading color (like baby pink) this is a MUST!  You ask your stylist to put your color into a conditioner and you use it like hair dye.  I leave mine in for an hour because I have really hard to color hair.  You can leave it on for as long as your leave boxed hair dye.  It's obviously not as precise and you'll probably lose any high or low lights BUT it keeps you from having to do back to get your color refreshed every couple weeks.  I usually only use it once before I decide that it's time to get my stylist to really give me a professional looking color.  

Do you have tips on how to keep your hair looking super fresh?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. I am obsessed with changing my hair and I love the colors you have done! thanks for the tips!

  2. I use that same shampoo and conditioner and LOVEEEEE it! Def. a great recommendation for sure!

  3. I love how you always have such fun hair, it always looks so great on you! Love that tip about the hair color in the conditioner, so smart!

  4. Great techniques! And I love your colors - I would be obsessed with it too.

  5. Great products to help keep color in!

  6. I needed this two weeks ago! ;) I got my hair dyed (well the bottom part of my hair) ombre purple... and it's all gone already... whomp, whomp.

  7. Great tips! I've never dyed my hair a bright color, but I have gone from blonde to brunette and have found that I can keep the color longer by using shampoo and conditioner that is higher quality and specific to color-treated hair.