Monday, November 20, 2017

CaliGlo Mini Golf and Laser Tag Plus Local Burger

Last week, our family had the pleasure of visiting CaliGlo to play some black light mini golf and laser tag.  CaliGlo opened in Elk Grove on August 5 in the same center as Strikes and California Family Fitness in Elk Grove.  CaliGlo is owned by the same Elk Grove family who owns Strikes.  They also opened up Local Burger this summer.  We have never done mini gold or laser tag as a family before so we were super excited!

*** This post is a collaboration with CaliGlo only.  As always, all opinions are my own. *** 

CaliGlo building

We arrived at CaliGlo on Tuesday around 3:45pm and there were handful of other people there.  If you are looking for a time that's not too crowded, I would go during the week.  I hear it gets packed on the weekends.  Weekdays are so much better for us since I don't like crowds and it gives my kids time to go as slowly as they want during the games.  Also, it's not as much pressure in the laser tag when there's more room to run around without bumping into anyone.  They also have arcade machines in the lobby to play if you are waiting for the next laser tag game to start.

Entrance to blacklight mini gold

We started with black light mini golf.  HEY GUYS!  Guess what?  I found a sport that I don't suck at!   The course is 18 holes and they are all California themed which I LOVE of course.  Each of my sons brought a friend and my daughter went on a playdate so we had 6 people playing mini golf.  It took us about 45 mins to finish since the kids needed a lot of turns to play the holes.  Luckily, there weren't too many other people and they came in a few mixtures after us so we never felt like we had to rush.

The boys had a great time!

While we played, we enjoyed the music, the graffiti art on the walls, and the fun California themed holes including Hollywood, Napa, Capitol Building, and more.  The blacklight and glow is super fun!  None of the holes are super hard but I was told that the course is best for ages 7 and up.  I agree with that.  We didn't keep score and even then, we told my younger son to skip a few holes because he was getting a little frustrated at how many turns it was taking him to get the ball in.  Even then, it was so much fun!  This is a perfect winter activity since it's indoors!  (Also, summer too because it's SO hot here.)  This would also be a great date night!  We let the kids go ahead of us one hole and then played each hole on our own.  I had a GREAT time with my husband playing mini golf!  Maybe next time we can keep score and see who wins!

Next, we moved onto laser tag.  Laser tag consists of 3 sessions that are 7 minutes each.  The total time for the briefing, arming, and game play is 30 mins.  I only stayed for one session and didn't play very much.  I was running around trying to take video and photos.  Umm, no.  It's way too dark in their for videos and photos on my iPhone.  I didn't want to intrude in their game play.  Also, my meanie kid didn't want me on his team and wanted the kid working there to play on his team instead.  Even though I GAVE HIM LIFE.

Laser tag gun
Nice and dark in the laser tag
Monitor to watch laser tag from the waiting area.

When the boys and my hubby out of the laser tag, they were all sweaty and out of breath.  They were tired and had a great time!  I think that one session is plenty.  If your kids (or adults) are super into it, you can book a double session at a discounted rate.  I think this would be a great team building event for work too.

Tuesday is kids eat free night so we dropped off the friends, picked up my daughter, and headed to Local Burger to eat.  When we got there, we were seated right away by a friendly hostess.  Upon sitting down, we were greeted by our waiter and an assistant (or maybe someone being trained.)  They brought out warm potato chips with onion dip as a complimentary appetizer.  We also ordered the 24" Bavarian Pretzel with beer cheese as an additional appetizer.  OMGosh, it was AMAZING!  It came on warm and on hook!  It was only $5.99!  It was delicious and we couldn't even finish it all.

Complimentary chips and dip

Pretzel with beer cheese
The boys ordered pizzas and a side of fries.  My daughter ordered the mac and cheese with a side of celery and carrots.  I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of the kids meals.  The boys pizzas were a personal size and the basket of fries was a generous helping.  They are both big eaters and were not able to finish all their food.  My daughter got a bowl of mac and cheese that looked kinda like Kraft with some melted cheese on top.  My daughter LOVES Kraft so that's perfect for us.  And the side of carrots and celery was REALLY plentiful!  I was impressed as she kept pulling more and more fresh veggies out of her basket.  She must have had 4-5 pieces of each!

My hubby and I each ordered a burger.  I was surprised they came with fries since on the menu it said nothing of fries so that was a pleasant surprise!  I got the Garlic Mushroom burger.  I asked for grilled onions instead of raw onions.  At the restaurant, I wasn't sure about having Texas Toast as the bun but the waiter said a lot of people liked it that way so I went with it.  Next time, I'd ask for a bun.  I just like burgers on buns.  I would also order it with no lettuce and tomato because I think onion and mushroom in plenty of produce for a burger.  Just saying...  The burger patty, cheese, and mushroom was delicious.  My hubby got the Jalapeño Burger and he really enjoyed it!  The jalapeños come fried which is really yummy.  Neither one of us could finish our food after eating the chips and pretzel.  We probably could have split one burger with fries.  So, if you have a really hearty appetite, Local Burger would be great for you!

Jalapeno Burger
Garlic Mushroom Burger

Overall, we had a great experience at Caliglo and Local Burger!  The mini golf is something I could see us doing a lot more since it's a lower price point and you can take your time.  The laser tag would be something we only do for special occasions because the price point is a bit higher.  Local Burger is a great choice for us on kids eat free night and will go into our rotation.  I also feel good knowing that we are supporting a local family just like us to succeed and have a legacy for their children.

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  1. It looks like so much fun and so delicious! My little ones love mini golf but we've never taken them to an indoor place and I bet they would think that was so neat! Thanks for the recommendation Ashley!

  2. What an awesome place to take your family! I love all the glow stuff and the food looks delicious!

  3. This place looks like so much fun!! I want one of them here :) I also really want to eat that pretzel. :D