Monday, November 13, 2017

Our First Time Ice Skating - Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink

Last Wednesday, our family excitedly headed to the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink for the first time.  It's a little embarrassing that this is the 26th season of the ice rink and I've never gone before.   Confession, contrary to what the title says, I didn't try ice skating.  I went to the rink with the family and hung out outside the rink.  (I have a knee injury and falling on my butt would probably make it a lot worse.)  We were lucky enough to be invited to VIP Night by Downtown Sacramento Partnership which is why we went on a Wednesday.  Ice Skating is always something that we've said we wanted to do but we have never tried.

The ice rink is located in Rose of Lima Park which is across the street from The Golden One Arena.   Parking can be a little challenging due to the location.  We parked at Capitol Parking Garage and walked a few blocks.  It cost us $7.50 for parking.  The rink is really close to light rail though and if we go back, we will probably take that since the kids think it's super cool.  If you do take regional transit, you get a discount off admission to the ice rink if you show your ticket.

I have no idea why it took me so long to take my kids ice skating!  They absolutely loved it!  My oldest has been roller skating and roller blading so he went without an ice scooter.  My middle guy is less coordinated and used the ice scooter for part of the time.  The baby used an ice scooter the whole time she was on the ice.  (Yes, she's almost 5.  Yes, she's still the baby.)  She was also pushed by an adult the whole time because princess.  The kids wanted to skate the whole time only stopping once for a quick hot cocoa break.

I really like the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink because I feel like it's just the right size!  I could see my kids from any table or bench.  My hubby was out skating with them but mostly focused on the baby.  It was nice knowing that I could watch the boys while hanging out and drinking hot cocoa.  At one point, my middle guy fell on the ice and sat their kind of helpless for a second.  I saw a sweet Ice Rink Worker come up and try to help him.  Unfortunately, my son didn't understand how to get up on the ice and it wasn't working out.  Then, not one but TWO other Ice Rink Employees came over to get him up on his skates again.  It really warmed my heart to see these young men helping my son and encouraging him to keep going.  All around, I felt really comfortable having my kids at the ice rink.

Here are some tips I wish I had known before going to Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink (or any ice rink):
1. Tuck your pants into your skates so you don't get blisters/rubbing on your skin.
2. Let everyone know if they fall, they need to keep their hands CLOSED in case anyone is skating by.
3. If your kids wear half sizes in shoes or even if their shoe is a little tight, size UP!  I had to go back to get bigger sized skates for 2 out of 3 kids.
4. Don't forget to take pictures of your whole family together!  (Like someone...)

Here are some AMAZING pictures my friend Mickey took!  You can see more of his photos on his Instagram or Flickr.  Shout out to TheMilsEdition for hanging out with Avery at the Ice Rink!

We can't wait to go back to the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink!  (I believe it's the closest one to us.) It was such a fun experience!  My daughter asked "are we driving to winter?"  Which is hilarious because it's NOT cold or icy here but we still get to ice skate because of this ice rink!  It was a perfect outdoor family experience and I feel so lucky that we got to go!  Don't forget to follow the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink Facebook page to keep up with events, theme nights, and any potential closures for private parties.

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  1. I haven't been ice skating in years!! This looks so fun!

  2. It looked like such a fun event!My two older kids have been begging to try ice skating and we've never been to the downtown rink either.