Friday, November 10, 2017

Lady Bird Movie - Set in Sacramento!

I was so honored to be invited by Women and Hollywood to go to an advance screening of Greta Gerwig's new movie Lady Bird.  In addition to press, free tickets were given out to the general public for the advance screening.  The screening took place at the Tower Theater and it was just the perfect setting!  I've read about this movie on social media prior to being invited and I was really excited to see it!

Lady Bird is about a 17 year old girl experiencing her senior year of high school in Sacramento, CA.  It is written and directly by Greta Gerwig, a Sacramento native.  The film takes place in 2002 and she graduates in 2003.  It was basically like a flashback of my life in a vague sense.  I lived in the Sacramento area when I was a teenager and graduated in 2001.  The fashion, the music, the slang was all perfect for the time.  The film is poignant and raw.  It was edgy and it was all too real.  I believe it's semi-autobiographical.

I don't do movie reviews.  That's not my forte.  I've done tiny bits of acting that I should have blogged about but never did.  I'm not some film buff that can tell you what camera something was filmed on or someone who can hear the difference in sound quality between different companies.  I can only tell you what I liked and how I felt.

Watching Lady Bird was so comforting for me.  I felt like the title character could have been any of my friends.  I'm of this time and I enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing it on the screen.  I also have immense pride in Sacramento but I remember being like Lady Bird and thinking I needed to get out of here and DO something.  Then I grew up and it was finally last year when I felt that I didn't ever need to go anywhere to do what I needed to do.  I'm fine here.

Seeing the city I love on the big screen filled my heart with joy.  When they say they filmed this movie in Sacramento, they were not kidding.  Everything felt authentic from the school to the weather and even the grocery store.  I adored seeing The Tower Bridge, the Fab Forty's, and my foodie heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of Gunther's Ice Cream.  There's just something special, almost magical in seeing a place you love portrayed with the kind of love you would use to describe it.

The acting was good.  The storyline was relatable.  I cared about the characters which is really important to me.  I laughed and I cried.  Overall, I supported a local woman who made her dreams come true and that is amazing!

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