Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby's Christmas Stocking

There's a lot of exciting things about having a baby. One of them is buying all his "first" things. Much earlier this year, when we had a little extra to spend, I bought B his first Christmas stocking. I didn't want a "Baby's First Christmas" stocking because we would only be able to use that once. I wanted something that would last him a long time.

I settled on a cute stocking from Cozy Cabin Crafts. It's very cute! My stocking has a penguin on it and hubby's stocking has a snowman on it. This stocking was a perfect combo of both. I ordered it during a special where they were giving free shipping. That was awesome. Note to sellers, people love free shipping!

The stocking came a few days after I ordered it. It is really cute. It looks just like it did in the pictures. I was surprised that it was all one piece. I thought that the toe and the heel were different fabrics. Either way, I like it and I think it will hold up well. Plus, I LOVE that it blends in with our stockings. Here it is, hanging in our house.

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