Sunday, December 9, 2007


We are on a tiny itty bitty little budget right now. Things are very very tight. Before I found out about some new expenses (like our mortgage going up) I had signed up for an ornament exchange. However, by the time that I found out we no money to spare, names had already been drawn and I couldn't really back out.

After doing TONS of internet research on how to make ornaments, I settled on going to Micheal's and getting a box of glass ball ornaments. I decided that I would do ornaments 9 different ways. The spending limit for the exchange is $20. I only spent $4.99 on the box of ornaments. I really wanted to make them special so that the person didn't feel like they were getting ripped off by me drawing their name.

Some of the ornaments are really easy. Number one, I just stuffed with the piece of silver garland that I had. Number two is my downfall. I really don't like this one at all. I poured Mod Podge into it and put red and green circles that I had punched out of paper. I put WAY too much Mod Podge and it turned out horrible. I want to throw it away but I can't give someone a box with an ornament missing. Number three, I just drew on with silver sharpie. I did swirls and dots. It looks really cute. Number four, I painted Mod Podge on and covered with iridescent glitter to make it look like is had been snowed on. This one is not my favorite either, but it's okay. Number five has two different types of curled silver ribbon in it, which takes more time than one would think. Number six has iridescent Easter grass and has green, red, and silver rhinestones stuck to the outside. Number seven, I cut up strips of Christmas paper and put them in there to cover all the blank spaces (it also took a lot longer than you would think.) Number eight is adorned with white ribbon that has beads hanging from it. Number nine is stuffed with iridescent Easter grass and silver heart confetti pieces though you can't see the hearts in the picture.

I just hope this person understands all the time I put into creating this box. I really did think it out. I didn't just run to the store and buy a few things. I used a bunch of different supplies. It's hard to know though, some non-crafty people do not understand everything that goes into hand making things.

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  1. I'd be happy if I am the recipient of your box of ornaments. Even though you didn't like a few of them, they are all very unique and different. Maybe you can add a note inside the box saying that each of them was individually designed by "Secret Santa"!