Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Taggie

For a while, I thought that B might use his Taggie blanket as a lovey. Being that I've heard horror stories of people losing their child's lovey and having to go on eBay to buy another on for $60, I thought I should get B another blanket to see if they were interchangeable. I, now, know that Taggies are just toys to B and he's not terrible attached to them.

I went on etsy again and bought a blanket from seller HeyLindsay. We got it a few days later. It's an okay blanket. I like the bright fun colors and the texture of the fabrics. However, the sewing isn't straight. I don't know anything about sewing so maybe it's because of the fabric she used. Not all the ribbons are sewn on straight either. We've had this blanket for a couple months and the ribbons are starting to fall apart in the wash. I wash it with B's clothes, using delicate cycle and gentle detergent.

That being said, B likes to play with the blanket and that's all that really matters. It makes him happy, as you can see from the picture.

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