Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Box Fiasco

So, I attempted to make a box that looked like a scrapbook kind of motif. Does that make sense? I bought a box at Michael's what was just plain brown and had smooth surfaces. I wanted to make a cool box to give my sister in law her Christmas present in. So, I thought I would cover it with scrapbook paper, ribbons, rhinestones, etc... I thought it would be awesome. I thought wrong.

My first attempt at the box (after agonizing about which papers to use for at least 20 minutes) did not go well. I cut out a piece of paper to go on the top of the lid and then I cut out pieces to go along the side. I taped all the pieces on and there were all the bear seams from the corners. I thought about covering them with ribbon. Then I discarded that idea. I'm not exactly sure why.

My next thought was that I should try to wrap the box like a present. I thought I should cut the paper down so I wouldn't have a lot of excess because I wanted to decorate the inside of the lid too. I measured. I'm sure I measured. I even added a little extra on to my measurement. Yet, somehow, I didn't have enough paper to cover the lid. Unfortunately, I didn't think to try it before taping it down so now it's stuck on there. Did I mention that I AGAIN lamented about paper choices.

Now, I have a box with a lid that's not nearly all the way covered. It's sitting behind all the other craft stuff. I've put it on a time out. It needs to think about what it's done to me.


  1. Hmmm... what's wrong with the box? Maybe it's having its temper tantrum! Give it a day and hopefully it will be more cooperative! Arrrggghhh...

  2. LOL, Ashley. Here's a trick- rip up pieces of scrap paper or tissue paper and use the mod podge to adorn the box. Put a little mod podge on the back and then completely cover the top. Tissue paper looks gorgeous- SUPER simple and so cute. You can use acrylic paint underneath if you are worried about "empty" spaces. GL.