Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Review of Morgan Street Soaps

Every year, D's family draws names on Christmas Eve for their Secret Santa. You have all year to come up with a present for your person. This year, I got D's Aunt Michelle. I was having a really hard time figuring out what to buy for her because I don't really know her and we've never been to their house. Plus, I made the homemade pledge.

I started chatting on the Etsy chat rooms. I would look in people's store and I got all sorts of ideas. I finally settled on a nice basket full of handmade soaps and body stuff. I didn't really know what to pick out so I asked Morgan Street to pick it out for me. This picture is what showed up. It was nicely packaged in a box with a bow, but I took it out to put it in a basket I had bought.

Everything smelled so nice and I am really happy with the selection of items that Sharon picked out for me. I think that Michelle will like everything very much! I actually usually don't like to get bath stuff as a gift but these soaps are SO pretty and they smell so nice! Plus, it's all handmade so it's very special.

I received some freebies from Sharon. The gardenia soap is currently in my bathroom. It is so pretty. I love the soap, it always leaves my skin feeling very moisturized. I am used to soaps drying my skin out. It's quiet a treat. I also got a free cuticle balm, which I think I am going to include in my little SIL's Christmas gift to make it seem like a bigger gift. I also got a lime and black pepper soap that I think is too sophisticated for my tastes. I will put it in the guest bathroom. I am sure people will appreciate it. Overall, it was a great shopping experience.

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