Friday, January 11, 2008

I Freaking Luff Her!

So, this is not the most unbiased review I've ever written. But I find that on a social networking site that etsy really is, you find sellers that you like and buy from them. It's a rough market. There are TONS of talented people out there, so it's important that your personality sets you apart. I've found lots of great friends on etsy. One of which is the ever adorable JennyBunny, whom I bought my SIL's secret Santa gift from.

I've stolen the pictures from her site, JennyBunnyCreations. Well, they are off her etsy site, but I wanted to put both websites on here because I feel that you should visit them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her aesthetic. There's just something about it that really appeals to me. It's simple, yet funky. Wearable yet still pieces of art. And extremely affordable. I was on a small budget this year and I think I was able to get my SIL a very nice gift without breaking the bank.

I got the Blue Rain earrings shown above, these Green Planet earrings, and two bling bracelets. I am so happy with my purchase. Truthfully, I wanted to keep those Blue Rain earrings for myself. Sigh...I didn't though. My SIL loved her gift! That really shows how versatile the jewelry is because I have more of a simple taste and hers is very funky and retro.

I will continue to buy from JennyBunny, not just because her style and the quality of her work, but because of the personal connection we made. It's very important to be nice to people in this competitive market. There are tons of jewelry designers out there, but I know where I'm turning if I need a kick ass pair of earrings or adorable bracelets. This just goes to show how making friends can really help your sales. I refer people to my friends all the time because I want to see them succeed. I hope that my customers feel the same way about me.

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