Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barefoot Bath and Body

This review is LONG overdue. My good friend Dee, formerly of DeesHomeGoods, opened her new shop BarefootBathandBody in February. Shortly after, I bought some of her LOVELY new products and I am in love with them!

Dee's lip balm is my new favorite thing! It's so different than any other lip balm I've ever tried. It goes on slightly powdery from the tube. But the second you rub your lips together, the creaminess and richness of the balm comes out. It's NOT greasy at all! I've never experienced such a lovely balm. To be so moisturizing without any hint of greasiness. Her formula is truly perfected and she should NEVER change a thing!

I am also digging her soy candles! I have the brown sugar and fig scent and it's a scent I just adore. There's something really nice about the balanced sweetness. And let me tell you, I have this candle sitting in my bathroom and it freshens the whole room. It's way better than any air freshener out there. It's a nice light and pleasant smell, even when you aren't burning it. Also, Dee told me I could return the container to her for free shipping on my next order. I think it's really awesome to reuse!

Egads! I've gone this far without talking about Barefoot lotion or soap. I've already blogged about Dee's soap. It's great. You can read my previous entry if you'd like. The lotion is awesome as well. Again, there's no greasiness whatsoever! It's light but very moisturizing. There's just the perfect amount of scent to not over power you.

If you are looking for any bath and body products, you must must must check out BarefootBathandBody! She is currently offering lots of specials too!

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