Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hugged My Heart #1

Yet another new thing I'm trying and I really hope I stick to this one because I just LOVE the idea.  These are the things this week that "hugged my heart."  You know, that's the motto of my Etsy shop right?  Heart Hugs?  Get it??  Anyhow, this will be a weekly feature about the things that made me feel extra special this week.  

1. Trader Joe's Marinated Mozzarella.  I found this picture on Google image search.  This is to help you identify the package.  If you have Trader Joe's by you, run out and get this cheese.  It's delicious!  It's spicy, salt, and mouth watering.  I love it.  Love love love it!

2. Tiffany Johnson.  Yes, she's a person.  I love her!  She's my Asian stamp twin and she's a doll!  You should go over and check her blog.  If you like me, you'll like her too.  Heck, you'll probably like her more, but don't forget who told you about her.  She actually just blogged about me on her blog too!  PS, Tiff you spelled my name wrong in the title but I forgive you!

3. Baby Spiderman (as shown in the picture above)  There's nothing that cheers me up more than when Brady is dressed in goofy clothes.  These are his Spiderman PJs that his dad picked out.  They look like a Spiderman suit.  Too cute!

4.  Lauren Meader's bear with blankie card.  It's so adorable!  And I love Lauren, she's a major inspiration for me.  I stalk her blog.

That's it for this week.  I don't want to tie down a set number because who can really say what's gonna strike your fancy week to week?

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  1. How sweet! My son has a Spiderman costume from Halloween and he wears it all the time....I love it!

    I will have to check out our friends blog too.

    I hope you have lots more that huhs your heart next week!

  2. I just edited my title for you!!! Don't know what was wrong with me!!! I think I'm going swap crazy and this desert water is seriously effecting me!

    I love this new thing you're doing! I can't wait to see #2. Little Brady is so cute...I could pinch his cheeks!

  3. my little guy had superman pj and I loved his little bum in them!

  4. What a doll he is! Love it when my little guy wears PJs with feet! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Your first ATC is a winner!

  5. Gotta try trader joe's garlic fries. Yummy!!!!

  6. Now I have to go to Trader Joe's to snag some of that marinated mozzarella--cheese fiend that I am. Thanks for the recommendation!