Saturday, September 27, 2008


I might blog later with actual cards when I cool down.  Today was supposed to be my very special mommy day.  Brady is at the zoo with his grandparents.  Dustin is at work.  I was going to do a little shopping.  Maybe take a bath.  Make a bunch of cards.  And stuff like that.

What did I do instead?  I had to cancel all the credit cards and bank accounts.

WHY?  Because some lousy horrible excuse for a person took my wallet right out of my purse that was sitting in my shopping cart while I was shopping for groceries.  

I'm so mad!  It's not like I have any money anyhow.  We barely scrape by.  So yeah, thanks for ruining my day you evil person!  I hope karma gets you!


  1. Oh my, Ash...I am so so sorry to hear this. How scary. When I think of how much stuff I keep in my wallet, this really makes me think I need to write down all my credit cards and stuff somewhere separately... you've got me thinkin now girl. You're in my thoughts and prayers - hope it all works out.
    {{big hugs}}

  2. Oh I'm so sorry....
    That is COMPLETELY stinky!
    You need to rebook that day...
    Hope everything gets taken care of so you don't have any yucky issues....

  3. OH NO!!! You poor thing!!! I totally feel for you :( I hope everything gets straightened out for you.

  4. That is horrible, I hope they caught that person and you get all of your things back. Here is for hoping. best of luck to you.

    Oh and by the way if you want to feature me on your blog, I will feature you in a treasury. You meantioned you might be interested on Etsy. thanks let me know. check me out on

  5. That's horrible :( Something good will happen soon I'm sure.