Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hugged My Heart #7

If you were on Thursday's Unity Hip Hop, you might have already seen this picture.  But I couldn't resist.  It's just too cute!  This is Brady's favorite hat.  It's a relatively new thing even though it's a hat we've had for a while.  Every time I turn around, he's wearing this hat.  It's super cute.  And who can resist a baby in just a diaper?  Not me!  Those days are numbered now though, it's getting COLD here!

Here's my list for this week:

1. Vicki's take on TECc35.  I just LOVE that she took the sketch and made it into a lovely piece of art!  The colors are fantastic and I love the picture of the butterfly.  And I like the ribbon and the flowers on the outside for a more 3D look.

2. Jimmi Mayo's blog.  I am LOVING Jimmi's blog this week.  Her cards are great!  I like how clean and crisp her cards are.  I also like Jimmi's fun personality.

3. Reaction to Cammie's Heart to Heart.  As I said before, Cammie wanted everyone to make a card for World Alzheimer's Day.  Well, she got 906 comments on her blog!  WOWZA!  Also, I really enjoyed going to all my regular blogs that I visit and seeing everyone's post about Cammie!  That support was AWESOME!  

4. Flea Markets!  I went to a stamp/scrap flea market yesterday at a local scrapbook store.  It was AWESOME!  I didn't know you could still buy things for $.10!  I got a HUGE bag of stuff for only $15!  I also stocked up on items for my blog candy that will be coming in October in honor of my one year Etsy and Blog anniversary!  Watch for that in a couple weeks!  

That's it for this week!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Brady is so adorable!! I used to love putting hats on my boys - they hated it. How lucky you are that Brady likes them!!
    hugs, Jami

  2. Your son is so cute, Sorry to here about your wallet.I hope you have a better week.Super cute cards and blog:0)

  3. what a cutie, yes take time to appreciate the cuteness because its already slowly gettin chilly. wooo!

  4. 10 cents? Now I know that you don't live in California-ha.

  5. Love the picture. I was hip hoppin on thursday. Hope to see you hopping later this week.

  6. Girl, you know I *heart* you too!!
    Now where can I find a stamp/scrap flea market?? Talk about dream come true!

  7. What a cutie pie your little man is ( I know I say this every week - but it's true!)