Monday, October 13, 2008

What a day!

I had this morning off.  I thought I would get a chance to relax, make some cards, and hang out with my family.  Brady had another idea.  Brady decided that today, he should take his first trip to the ER.

He was playing in his shopping cart.  Something I've asked him repeatedly not to do.  Carts are for pushing not for climbing on I say.  Anyhow, he fell off the cart and hit his head on our tile.  He got the HUGEST bump and Dustin demanded that we go to the ER.  Brady was given a clean bill of health and they said he was a brave baby because he was barely crying.  Here's the damage.


  1. ooooh- bumps are so scary~ luckily he has a clean bill of health! I so don't miss that age where they are constantly tumbling over!!!
    more to come I'm sure!!

  2. Poor guy! Glad everything's ok!
    hugs, Jami

  3. oh look at that HUGE bump :( i'm so glad he's ok...he's still a cutie with that BIG bump :)

  4. owwie!
    i remember getting bumps like those, they throbbed like a cartoon finger or something. i was never as brave as he! lol

  5. Oh my. How scary! Thank goodness he's okay. What a cutie.
    Mary Jane (maddiesmom on WRAK)