Monday, October 13, 2008

EtsyInspired #5 10OneWorld WINNER!

This week's winner is SHERRY!  Yay Sherry!  To tell you the truth, my hubby picked the winner this week.  I just couldn't choose.  Everyone's submission was amazing.  I might start having to pull from a hat.

Sherry had the amazing idea to reuse a shopping bag.  It's her DP!  Isn't that great?  It's super pretty and I would buy DP that looks like that.  So, it just goes to show, inspiration can be found ANYWHERE.

Thanks to Jen of 10OneWorld for the amazing prize this week!  Sherry, please PM me your address and I will give it to Jen so we can get you that awesome tote bag!

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's challenge!  It's a cute one with yet another cool PRIZE!


  1. This is super cute! Congrats Sherry :)

  2. Great card Sherry!! Congrats!!

  3. Thanks, Ashley- and thank your hubby too! ha ha. It was a really fun challenge- Thanks for posting it on SCS so I could find it! :)

  4. Yeah, Sherry! Great card! I will get the tote off to you first thing in the morning!
    -10oneworld or Jen