Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hugged My Heart #18

I'm having kind of a rough weekend.  Nothing big.  I'm just feeling a bit down.  So, I leave you with this picture and no list this week.  This is Brady riding backwards on his airplane toy.  He's a silly goof ball.  Off to nap, have a great week everyone!


  1. That is not fun....I hope you feel happier soon!
    Hope your nap made things better.

  2. Are the hormones kickin in? I'm so sorry... I'll send you some happy mail! That should cheer you up!


  3. Oh Ashley those Pregnancy Hormones totally suck!!!!!

    I hate that you are feeling down! Maybe tomorrow will be better!


  4. Oooops forgot to tell ya that Brady's picture is the cutest!!!

    What is his Birthday?? Just wondering how close in age he and Tucker are???

    I can not imagine being Pregnant again already!!!

    I was with my first two, and then with Willow and Tucker there is actually 3 years and 1 month between them and that was like totally different that 2 years and 3 months between Piper and Willow!

    It would have been closer, but it took us 7 months of trying to get Tucker! Looking back now I am glad for the longer break and no diapers for 9 months woooo hoooooo!

    Hang in there sweet girl!


  5. Thanks for stopping by, your creations are great and I'll have to try your challenge sometime!!!