Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm sure it's just pregnancy hormones but I have just been so down the dumps lately.  And I just can't seem to think of anything that will really pull me out of this slump.  So, I'm asking YOU my friends.  What do you do when you are feeling down to get yourself up and feeling happy again?

And to thank you all in advance for your responses, I'm gonna do a Random.Brady drawing for a *tiny* little gift from me.  So, post away!  Make as many comments as you want on ways you make yourself cheer up!  PLEASE!

This is a rare picture of Brady being sad.  He really hated this Tigger costume.  I have no idea why.  But you know I like to post pictures with posts.


  1. Ashley, soooo sorry to hear you are down in the dumps!!!!!!!!! Some things I do when I feel yucky:

    take a hot bubble bath

    have a girls night out

    watch a funny movie

    make myself a HUGE hot fudge sundae

    watch funny you tube videos!

    take care, feel free to email me anytime hun!

  2. Ashley, so sorry you feel like this. I remember so well how pregnancy can make you feel yuck! When I feel down, I don't always like to do this, but it makes me feel better every time. I clean my favorite space. Sometimes that's my family room or kitchen, but usually it's my scrap area. I clean it really good, organize it, and then leave it. I always make sure I have some music on that I love while doing it. Then after a while my clean space has such good energy, that it passes the positive energy to me.

    I hope this helps. And I hope you have the sun shine soon.

    OH! and don't forget to keep saying out loud how good you feel! (Even if it's a lie.) Your subconscious mind can surprise you.

  3. Ashley! Sorry you feel down! I can only imagine with the hormones and sometimes this time of year does it to people too, eventhough you don't think you have a reason.

    When I get down, I do things I normally don't "allow" myself to do because I have "responsibilities" so I will read the pile magazines I haven't read in months, or start a book. I also agree with Lindsey that I like to organize a space I'm in alot. I too listen to my favorite music while doing these things.

    Cheer up! Your online friends and family are here for you!

  4. NO FUN! I hate feeling down. I hope this is going to help you figure out a way to get a bit cheerier.

    Although I couldn't really think of anything myself, cause getting rid of my grumpies is probably very different from getting rid of days of feeling down, I found this little article. I was thinking "food" when I first saw your question, and sure enough, in this article it mentions 4 that can help: avacado, chilies, kiwi and bananas. AND drink water!!! I've heard this before too.

    Neat little article, if you have a minute!

  5. Oh I almost forgot! Go outside. Fresh air on daily basis really helps too.

  6. Hang in there my friend!! It's just the baby blues and will pass soon! Promise!!
    Tickle Brady!! That adorable little face of his and his smile!!That has got to make you laugh and be happy!! Or you can do what I for something for yourself!!

  7. Whenever I am feeling down it always helps me to take some Mommy time to go out and do something for myself. I know this is often hard to do with a little one but even if I am able to go out for an hour I usually come back feeling at least a little better.
    A few other thoughts for a cute, lighthearted movie to watch after Brady goes to bed, talk a walk, get together with another mom friend and baby to chat and let the kids have fun together, whenever Brady takes a nap or goes to bed head to bed yourself to get as much rest as possibe (being pregnant just takes so much out of you sometimes). Hope you find some things to help get out of this funk soon! Oh, I almost forgot...sometimes it helps me to watch a really sad movie so I can get a good cry out of my system. Okay, hope at least one of these ideas helps! :) Take care!

  8. I did something yesterday that did just the trick. I went on a date with my husband. We have 3 kids (ages 3,2,1) we have never been out without one of them for over 3 years now, for longer than an hour) I am a huuuge advocate of being a parent to my child and not just throwing them at my parents all the time. This little break was amazing. We got some shopping done, spent time together, had an awesome dinner date and just talked over coffee. My parents had a great time playing with the kids and the kids had a blast too. All around we are all so much happier right now!

  9. Hope you are feeling better Ashley. I always like cookie dough and a nap! :)

    Or go get a little pampering done, new hair cute, new shirt, something to make YOU feel good.

  10. I call a girlfriend. Nothing is better than leaning on a friend, I also go to my scrap space to create a card.

  11. Sorry you are feeling down - I remember that all too well from being pregnant.

    Retail therapy always helps me! Not grocery shopping - that is always a bummer - but buying a cute new shirt or a new stamp or some great glitter always helps me!

    Oh and getting outside - fresh air, a quick walk with a stroller is great for me!

    Good luck!

  12. Awww sweetie, sorry you are feeling the early pregnancy yuckies! I also went through this phase and had a young one at the same time, it is hard sometimes to get out of the funk.

    I am with Lindsay I would clean something, even a closet till the very end, pop in that wiggles dvd or whatever Brady likes.
    Clean and organize and breathe.

    I would love to tell you to take a hot bath but I know how it is with a small child and when the other parent works it is to hard to just relax. I never took a bath with little ones.

    Do you go to a gym anywhere? If you just walk around the track that helps too, just to move around and be able to get some endorphins going helps too.

    I would also say my favorite snack was a booster too, go to starbucks get a decaf mocha or something, go to your favorite eating place, just make a day of you feeling better. One big day can lift your spirits for a week or a month, it really helps.
    Dont ever feel bad for feeling bad KWIM? You are creating a baby and raising a little one that is hard work and you DO work hard and that DOES get stressful! You have a right to feel stressed out for all you do, and you deserve to find any way that makes you feel better!

    I hope you find what works for you, if you need to vent you have my email, I have been through it all!
    Take care dear, you are in my thoughts!

  13. Ohhhh sweetie I'm sooo sorry!!! It probably has to do with hormones....but we all have our down in the dumps days too.......I'm sure fighting sickness and being exhausted is not helping either!! A few things to try or think about trying....

    Candles that smell yummy or relaxing and just enjoy the flicker of candlelight and your favorite drink.

    Listening to music.....and I know this may sound odd.....but sometimes listening to sad songs is just what I need to do to actually let myself feel those emotions and then I can actually feel better. (yes I have some baggage and issues! LOL)

    Spend some time in a cozy chair reading a favorite book or magazine.

    Google some funny videos, pics or cute ones of animals, kids, etc!

    Hope you are able to get some "you" time and just know you've got lots of friends and lots of hugs!!!!!

  14. Sorry you are feeling down Ashley! Let see, what do I do when I am feeling down?
    -call a friend and chat for a while, I always feel better after a long chat (need someone to call, I think I gave you my cell a while back right?)
    -read a sappy, cheesy, romancy book (no I don't mean one of those books with the ripped bodices or anything...(though if that is your thing, go for it) I mean more of a sweet love story) in a warm bubble bath!
    -Take some ME time...even 10 minutes without kids tugging on you can be so refreshing! Go to the library alone, go get a Cup of cocoa (or your fave drink) at your favorite place and just sit an enjoy.
    -LIsten to some good, upbeat music
    -Watch your favorite movie, one of those that you can always fall back on, you know that movie you have seen a hundred times (for me I would chose either Pride and Prejudice with Collin Firth (yeah, he cheers me up =)), Return to Me, NOtting HIll...THe Importance of Being Ernest...)

    HUGS Ashley, I hope you start to feel better soon! Those hormones can wreak havoc on just about everythign!

  15. ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

    I think everyone has listed things above that I have done --

    I am so sorry that you are down -- I'll keep you in my prayers --
    We are here for you --