Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hugged My Heart #20

What a rare moment!  I barely ever get to see Brady sleep anymore since I'm usually busy getting a million things done while he sleeps in his room or driving the car if he falls asleep in the car.  This was on the way to see my Grandpa in the hospital.  (He's doing better.)  It's hard to believe that this little sleeping angel is the same crazy Brady who runs around making huge messes in my house.  

1. Andrea's blog candy for a cause II.  Not only am I so touched to see someone care so much about her friends, but I am floored with how many regular people are offering up their own things as prizes.  If I had anything new, I would offer it up.  It's just wonderful to see everyone come together for this sweet little baby.  Also, I am loving Andrea's updates on baby Francesca.  It's wonderful to see her grow and flourish.

2. My January EtsyInspired Guest Designer, Christine Jensen.  I am SO excited to have a scrapper on board for January.  I think it will be really great to see Christine's takes on the inspiration.  Also, I adore Christine.  She is a sweet sweet person and I am so lucky that she applied for the position.  She also has family near me and I have a little family near her so one day, we'll get to meet up.  I'm sure of it!

3. Christmas pictures.  I am loving seeing everyone's Christmas pictures on their blogs.  It's awesome to see the decoration and everyone's happy smiles.  I love this time of year!

That's all!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. This is a very sweet picture Ashley thanks for sharing!!!


  2. What a super sweet photo! And thanks for the sweet comments, I am so excited to be your guest designer! (and I truly hope that we can meet up, NExt time I come to Sac, we will have to plan it ahead of time!)