Saturday, January 24, 2009

There's Another Me!

Ok, not really. How scary would THAT be? But on to my point, as I've made my way through the paper crafting blogosphere, it always takes me by surprise to see my name on comments I haven't left or RAKs that I didn't send. I actually found out a while ago that there's another Ashley Newell who makes cards and sells her creations on Etsy. However, today I popped on over to her blog while blog surfing (which I REFUSE to call blurfing) and you know what I found out? We have the same middle initial too. How strange is that?

Though, I am extremely lucky since she is wonderfully talented and from her picture, she's just a gorgeous lady. There are worst things in this world than sharing your name with someone like that. But it is still a shock. I knew I should have kept my maiden name. ;)

Also, on my trip through the blogosphere, I found candy!!  Here are the ladies that are giving it away, click on their name to go to the candy.


  1. Its a small world after all! Sometimes it feels like the Twilight Zone!

  2. I saw that someone with your name had a card published or won a contest and totally thought it was you. But then I clicked on a link and it wasn't. It was the other Ashley Newell whose blog you linked in your post. Crazy that you have the same name (middle initial too) and same hobby.

  3. Hello Ashley! Thank you for leaving your sweet comments on my blog. Your creations are adorable and I've enjoyed looking at your blog!!

  4. There are more mes around the world too! I'm too scared to add them to my Facebook though!

    Lovely blog.

  5. Hi Ashley...found this posting cuz someone commented on my blog. I can't believe this either! I put my middle initial to try to distinguish us, but that's not working! :) My middle name is actually my maiden name, making my birth middle initial is really a "D" so we're not totally alike as you may have thought! With the name "Ashley" it's easy to have a name in common, even my maiden name there are other 'me's' out there.

    I've done the same thing as you..."that's not me" when I see you have posted something somewhere I have never been!

    Very ironic we have the same 'married' name and love paper crafts! Maybe there are others out there we need to find and then we can have an "Ashley Newell" group!

    I hope you're not too upset over the same name game!

  6. Hi Ashley,

    I went to the other Ashley's web site and left her a comment because she had some beautiful pictures of Washington D.C.

    How funny who we find out there!!!!

    When I was Heather Walker there were several of me, but Heather Schlatter not so much!!! LOL


  7. I kept seeing "your" name on Papertrey things and getting so confused, and finally realized there are two of you. Crazy!!