Sunday, January 25, 2009

Venturing Out...Very Slowly

On Thursday, my friend AJ told me that I need to venture out more.  I pretty much stay on the Unity forum on SCS because I made friends there, I'm so comfortable there, and I like it there.  But AJ told me that I need to get of my cozy little shell and put myself out there.  How would my name ever get out if I'm just in this one little box?  How would I get to experience the whole world of stamping if I stayed in one place?

I know that AJ is right.  She often is.  So, I ventured out a tiny tiny bit by doing the Limelight paper crafts sketch.  Now, I know that this is like sticking my big toe in the pool instead of diving right in but cut me some slack will you?  It's gonna be a process.  I say this because I am already familiar with Limelight and I've done some of the challenges before.  I know people on the design team there.  That and I still used Unity stamps.

Here are my two takes on the same sketch using Unity's August Kit of the Month and Unity's Simply Said (which is AJ's set btw, it was like she was holding my hand the whole way.)  The first card is more of a stretch but I just LOVE that Me and My Big Ideas DP so I HAD to show it off.  The second one, I find more suiting to the sketch.  But I don't like it as much!

Okay, come back tomorrow because I'm venturing even further out of my box.  YAY!  


  1. Very pretty card, Ashley!! I the pretty papers, floral image, and bling!!

  2. I love that second card! It's soooo pretty! HOORAY for venturing out!

  3. I'm loving that second card! It's not so scary out there is it?!? :)

  4. loving the 2nd card, gorgeous colors

  5. Both of these are very cute. I like them both!

  6. Both are so pretty...but that 2nd one is fantastic. We're not scary...come join all the fun out there!!! :)
    hugs, Jami

  7. How Funny Ashley I have been all over SCS, but the one time I tried to go to Unity Forum and figure it out, none of it made any since to me why a 100 people all typed Hip Hop over and over again and ect.. ect...

    So I have never been back, but the rest of SCS is fun to play in one of the daily challenges here and there they really get you the comments and they also help you to get to know more people too!!!

    Your cards are stunning today Ashley I love the bottom one the mostest!!!