Friday, March 20, 2009

Random.Brady and EIC27 Winner

***Second post today, scroll down for HHH***

This is Random.Brady at that park.  Isn't he cute?  I actually wasn't there for this since I asked DH to take the little guy out of the house so I could sleep.  He went down the slide ALL by himself!  He's so big!

Ok, Random.Brady picked Wendy to be the winner for this week's EtsyInspired Challenge.  You can see her GORGEOUS card HERE.  Thanks for playing along with us Wendy!  If you could email me (under Contact Me in my sidebar) I will get you that AMAZING prize from Pez-A-Doodle!  Thanks so much to Marti at the Pez-a-Doodle shop for giving us such a wonderful prize this week and the awesome coupon code!!  


  1. oh my! Thank you Random.Brady!!!!

  2. Congratulations Wendy!!! Your card was great for the inspiration!!!


  3. Super cute! Watching kids on slides in so much fun - they get such a kick out of it.