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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Project Life Post

Hi friends!  I hope you're having a great day!  I had a rough one.  I was feeling really sick and had to hurry into the doctor's office.  Turns out that I have a bladder infection, was dehydrated, and my blood pressure is a bit high.  I just got some medications and was sent home.

Lately, I've been really into Project Life.  I decided to just start it and go with it.  I'm really sorry but these won't be in order.  I was working backwards but I do want to catch up on my current month while it is fresh in my mind.  So, I hope I can still inspire you with my out of order, crazy Project Life making.  ;)  Without further ado, here's the week of Aug 5-11.  I used American Crafts/Amy Tangerine Sketchbook for this week.

Here's the right side.  
Here's the left side.

FEEDBACK PLEASE:  Do these photos work for you?  I can't take the pictures where I photograph my cards because there is too much glare.  I could try going outside but that might not work in the winter.  Would you like close up pictures of things?  What kind of things?  Do you want me to make the pictures larger?

Have a great day, friends!  


  1. Great job! Looks like you are having a blast with this and the pictures look great. Hope you are feeling much better now that they got your some meds!

  2. This looks great, I have no problem with these photos. :)

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOO fun! I love that you started on my bday---makes this page my FAV!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  4. i think your layouts look great. You did a wonderful job i love all the little embellishments you added.

  5. yeah project life!!! This amazing!!!

  6. I think they look amazing!! Your kids are so adorable and make me smile.

  7. Yay for getting into Project Life. It's been so addictive for me too. Love the way your pages look. And, I think the photography is fine. Maybe a little bit larger if you can? Close up shots of details and layering is also appreciated if you feel so inclined :)