Monday, October 14, 2013

A Photography Studio in Your House

Hi friends!  I hope you are doing well!

Today, I have a product review to share with you.  I was contacted by a company called Yescom USA about writing a post about photography.  I'm not sure if you guys knew this, but I used to be an assistant wedding photographer.  Anyhow, those days are over but I did see a GREAT product that I've been dying to get that I know you guys will love so I agreed to write a post to share with you.  This is the 24" Photography Soft Light Studio Tent Kit.
(Photo from the Yescom USA site)

I know as crafters, part of the struggle is taking a good photograph of your project.  You could make the best project in the whole world but if people can't see it, they can't be inspired by it or buy it or pick it up for publication.  Yes, having a good photo is really THAT important.  I know a lot of people are concerned that they can't afford a fancy camera or expensive equipment.  This is an affordable, easy to use, portable option for you.

Light tents are amazing because with a few simple items, you can have professional looking photos at home with no fancy camera or flash.  One of the best things about this kit is that it comes with EVERYTHING you need.  The tent, several backgrounds, the lights, a small tripod, and even a case for the tent.  Light tents give beautiful even lighting for your photos with no shadows, no glare, no reflections.  It's also great because you can take photos at any time of day and in any kind of weather and still get the light you need.  I know a lot of people wait for sunlight so they can take photos.  

Another great thing about this is that you never have to find a pretty and clean place to take your photos.  If your house is anything like mine, it's hard to find a clean and well lit place.  You can take pictures ANYWHERE.    

Examples, shall we?  
My original after editing.
 Straight from the camera with the light tent.
 After adjusting a little brightness and cropping.  
Oh my goodness, isn't this photo gorgeous?!  It looks like it could go into a magazine or catalog right now.  I took this photo on auto with no flash.  AMAZING!  

THIS KIT I was sent is only $69.99.  You can get a 16" Photo Box Photography Lighting Kit for just $39.99.  I think it's a great price for something that will greatly improve your photography and make life so much simpler.  

Have a great day friends!

(The item I reviewed was sent to me for free but everything written is my honest opinion.)


  1. GREAT job on the review! I don't have a light tent, but I am lusting for one after seeing yours :)