Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whisker Graphics Kit and Kaboodle

Hi friends!  I hope you are doing well.  We are ok.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that Brady just had major dental surgery yesterday.  He is doing fine now but we are just in stress mode around here.  Hopefully it will lessen soon.

Today, I have a SUPER fun announcement/item to show you.  You might know that I am the DT and social media coordinator for Whisker Graphics.  Well, today is super exciting for me because it was the first time that I got to give input on a product (well, kind of a product.)  Whisker Graphics announced their new line Kit and Kaboodle which I helped with.  The Kit and Kaboodle is a crafting kit that you can customize AND you receive 20% off the retail price for buying the items bundled together!  The first kit is the Halloween Kit and Kaboodle.  Check out this awesome loveliness!  Swoon!

Part of the reason this kit is so cool is that it's customizable.  The pictures you see above are just some of the options you can pick.  There are 3 different kinds of Divine Twine to choose from, different Bitty Bags, different Petite Stickys, different tags.  While the general idea of the kit is there, you can pick which patterns best suit your taste.  And this is a straight purchase, not a subscription.  If you get this, please show me pictures of what you make!  I'm SO excited about this idea and I really hope everyone likes it as much as I do!

Have a great day friends!

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  1. This looks like a super fun kit! Hope Bradly is on the mend! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ashley! HUGS to you!