Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Fives: Back to School

Hi friends!  I hope that you are doing well!  We are ok.  School started this week for my boys.  We are on a system called year round which has the children in school for 3 months and then off for 1 month rather than the traditional in for 9 months off for 3 months.  This is our first year with year round and I hope that we like it.  And since school is on my brain, I made a list of the things I cannot go without for school.

1. Backpacks and lunch boxes from Toys R Us.  I mostly just care about the backpacks.  Toys R Us has the best character backpacks when it comes to quality.  My kids really only like character backpacks.  I'm sure when they get older, we can just get plain backpacks but I'm ok with this for now.  I've tried buying backpacks at Target, Walmart, and Amazon and none of them work.  At all.  Last year, I returned 2 backpacks to Target within 1 week of purchasing each of them.  The second time, I said forget it and drove across town to Toys R Us.  My kids backpacks last all year long.  That's all I really ask.  They would probably last longer but I allow them to get a new backpack each year as their tastes change.  Toys R Us runs a special every summer where when you buy a backpack ($12.99 or more) you can get a FREE lunchpail.  Their lunch boxes work fine but I've never had an issue with a lunch box from any other store.  I just love that they are FREE!

2.  Ice packs from the Target Dollar Spot.  Sorry for the crappy photo of these!  I meant to snap one during the day in the package but that didn't work out.  I really love these $1 ice packs for lunch boxes.  They are pretty durable and nontoxic (in case they do leak.)  They keep the lunch cold until after school.  I like these a lot more than the really hard plastic ones because I feel like these stay colder longer.  I bought 6 of them this year and I wish I had grabbed more just in case they get lost or thrown away by mistake.  Freeze these flat and they'll last longer.  We actually still have a couple from last year.  Just get them early or your poor little boys will have to carry flower ones to school all year like mine did last year.

3.  Thermos Funtainer 12oz bottle.  This is one of my favorite baby items too so you might have seen it on my blog before.  I'm a HUGE fan of Thermos!  I love to drink icy cold water and do not like warm water.  These keep things cold for up to 12 hours.  My kids start school when it is still very hot so it's important to me that they have nice, cold water so they don't dehydrate or get heat stroke.  These bottles are great.  I put ice and water in them in the morning and they keep it cold even passed after school activities.  They also come in cute designs.  (I actually have the 18oz bottle for myself and take it with me everywhere.)

4.  Ticonderoga Pencils.  Every teacher the kids have ever had asks for these pencils.  They are easier to sharpen and last a lot longer than novelty pencils.  The eraser ACTUALLY erases things.  They also make a thicker pencil for smaller kids who are learning to write and I get those too.

5. Travel sized Purell with jelly wrap.  I hang these on the outside of my kids's backpacks.  They are to use them if they sneeze and can't wash their hands or before they eat.  My kids don't usually finish all their food at lunch time since they want to play.  They usually start pulling food out of their backpacks right after school so I ask them to use hand sanitizer before eating since they touch a lot of school supplies that other children touch all day long.

What are your back to school must haves?  (I forgot to add wine!)  ;)  Please leave me a comment if you find these lists helpful.  I feel like I'm just writing them for myself.

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