Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fell off the Crafting Wagon...

Hi friends!  Long time no talk!  A lot has happened in the last few weeks and it's just busy and made me so tired.  The kiddos have finally hit a stride with school which is awesome!  We have small obstacles with that but I'm hoping we'll overcome them soon.

At the beginning of August, I tried to start The 100 Days Project.  I did ok for a few days and then fell off the crafting wagon.  I got some news from a doctor that took me off guard and I kind of just felt knocked on my bum.  I will be FINE, it's a set back and I just have to be proactive towards getting healthier.  However, it took me for a loop and I just didn't feel like crafting for a really long time.  Do any of you ever deal with this?  I just don't feel like I can craft through it when I feel confused or unhappy.  Do you have tips for this?  If so, please let me know!

Here are a couple of the cards I made before I stopped crafting.

I really like this card.  I made it with some Amy Tangerine Stitched paper and stickers.  I think that since I loved this little camera sticker so much that I was going to love this card no matter what.  I really like the generational stamping as well.

Then on the opposite side, I did not like this card at all.  I used Crate Paper Notes and Things for this one.  It's just the layout that I don't like.  I really forced this one night because I felt like I HAD to make something.  Perhaps this is why I feel like I can't craft when I don't feel so good.  I feel like everything I make turns out badly.  I do love the little heart though.

Have a great day, friends!  


  1. I'm so sorry you had some health news that knocked you for a loop. My craftiness is usually directly in proportion to how my life is going. If all my processors are maxed out handling crisis there is no way I have anything left to give to my artistic life. Which is sad as I really do think art heals and is good therapy.

    My rule of thumb is that when I have been going through things but am starting to keep my head above water I go 'paint something white' which for me is gessoing something for a future project. It's not taxing at all but it helps me reacquaint myself with my supplies and space.


  2. First Big hugs! Sending Katie to help you craft because she got me back to coloring and crafting. I too have had some big hits this summer and really wanted to do 100 days but doing best I can. I hope you can get the health stuff under better control so you can craft. Second I love the second card. The layout is fun. The first one is fun cuz the camera.

  3. Sorry about the bad news! Hang in there!!! Sometimes when I am not feeling like crafting it's because all the crafting I have to do is something I think I have to do, or an assignment. It helps sometimes to pull out some of my older photos and scrap something I am excited about telling the story about right then, just because.