Saturday, October 24, 2015

My New Obsession: Instant Pot

Hi friends!  I hope you are doing well!  We are ok.  I'm trying to get over a cold that just won't relent and I have a bum shoulder but everyone else here is doing good so I can't complain too much.  The kids are on their last weekend before their "off-track" time ends so we are living it up!

Today, I wanted to tell you about my new OBSESSION.  It's my Instant Pot Duo!  (I am in no way sponsored or associated with this company but I have used my Amazon affiliate link here, if you purchase with my link I get a very small commission.)  The Instant Pot did for cooking what Project Life did for my crafting.  It gave it a whole new life.  I'm a mom.  I have three kids and dinner can be really tedious.  Not only am I busy but finding food that everyone will eat is nearly impossible.  I was starting to really dread making dinner.

My friend Ashlee got an Instant Pot on Amazon Prime Day which was a while ago.  I still wasn't sold.  She occasionally sends me picture of what she could do in her pot that was super fast and easy like cooking chicken from a frozen state or caramelizing onions without hassle.  Eventually, I gave in and got one.

A little tidbit about me, I don't like the crockpot.  I know!  I know!  Everyone just LOVES the crockpot.  I don't.  I feel like everything that comes from a crockpot tastes like "crockpot."  I don't know how to explain it.  I also felt like all the meat was stringy and dry.  If I was across town and needed to run an errand, I would have to drive ALL the way back because the crockpot would ruin my food if left in there for too long.  I very rarely use my crockpot.

The Instant Pot in an electric pressure cooker which means that it cooks everything SUPER fast.  I like this.  I like to cook things at high heat and quickly.  The Instant Pot is amazing because I can throw in chicken and sauce, set it for 9 mins and come back when it beeps.  It does take a while to pressurize but that's just like waiting for your oven to preheat.  I do not have to stand there and babysit it.  I don't have to stir.  I don't have to be super on top of things and throw food in it at the beginning of the day.  It is AMAZING!

Here are some things I like to make.

I love using the IP to do eggs.  I'm trying to perfect my "medium boiled" egg but it's trial and error.  Hard boiled is super easy and the peeling is SO ridiculous easy, I will NEVER boil eggs on the stove ever again.

I made this chili verde pork.  This is the first time I used this specific recipe and I would change it up a bit but it was pretty good.

This chicken and brown rice soup is SO fast and so easy!  We all love it!  I used rotisserie chicken from Costco on this occasion and it was very good and really quick to throw together.

I tried making mashed cauliflower for the first time and it was great!  I just seasoned it with salt and pepper but next time I'll try adding different flavors.  This was SOOOOOOO fast!

You know those one pot pasta dishes on Pinterest?  I did one in the IP and it turned out awesome!  I used a little too much sauce but other than that, it was delicious and almost no work!  

Turkey meatloaf that I put under the broiler to brown after.  I have been known to epically FAIL on meatloaves.  It was so bad that I barely ever made them but I was able to do it really quickly and easily in the Instant Pot.

 I know this probably sounds like an infomercial but I'm honestly just a person who is really excited about finding a product that is getting me excited about making dinner.  I'm also trying to lose weight.  Being able to throw together a quick meal has saved me so many times from picking up take-out because of the ease factor.  I actually enjoy cooking again.  Like I said, the only benefit I would get is if you bought the Instant Pot through my link but you certainly don't have to.  I just wanted to share something I really love on my blog in hopes that it might benefit someone.

If you would be interested in recipes, let me know and I can post them.  I'm not great at taking food pictures or measuring ingredients but I will certainly try to help my friends to replicate the food I make in their own homes.

Have a wonderful day, friends!


  1. Very intriguing! I'm going to have to look into this some more.

  2. Thanks for the review!!! I am seriously considering one of these. we needed a new rice cooker and this is the same size as our old one.... Love that it does so much, so fast!

  3. Great thoughts! I am still not sure I need one when it is only 2 people.

  4. Learning to love my IP. Great for soups and hard boiled eggs and I am still so amazed how fast it cooks things.