Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Avery's Daniel Tiger Party

Hi friends!  I hope that you are doing well!  We are pretty good.  I'm having a small flair up with my liver but hopefully it will pass soon.

Today, I'm sharing a few things from Avery's birthday party.  My kids LOVE picking themes that I can't just run to the store and buy.  Avery's birthday is a couple days after Christmas and I was just spent so I didn't do a ton of crafting.  I did want to share the few things I made with you.  Most of it came from the PBSkids website.   (I am no way affiliated with PBSkids, I just appreciate that they had a bunch of printables on their site for free.)

First I made this Trolley with print outs and directions from  I used a smaller sized diaper box (the box that holds about 100 diapers) and it was too small for the directions they gave.  I'd say a box that holds about 150 diapers would be better.  I also had to freehand cut the red roof part down because after I put it on my box that was too small, the roof looked way too big.  I used the blue Marvy circle punch for the wheels/light and I think I cut the gray paper at about 1.5 inches in width.  The directions on the site and a little vague.

Here's my little Avery Tiger.  I got the sweater from a local moms group when I posted about trying to find Daniel Tiger items locally.  The lady and her husband made this super sweet sweater for their daughter.  They found a sweater like the ones the kids wear on the show and sewed a Daniel Tiger patch on it.  It's so cute and I'm so lucky that wonderful lady saw my post!  I couldn't find tiger pants so these are actually $3 Walmart zebra print leggings that Dustin dyed orange with Rit dye.  I tried finding red shoes but they were all about $30 and I didn't want to spend that on shoes she might wear once.  The buns are supposed to be her tiger ears.  

I didn't get a picture before the party started since I was running around like a crazy person but at each of the place settings we had a couple coloring sheets (print them here) and I tied a few crayons together with Halloween Divine Twine.  I also put little bottles of bubbles which was a HUGE mistake because we were at an ice cream parlor and I wish I would have put Divine Twine on those too.

Here's Avery with her cake that was a nightmare to get.  It's from Bel Air but if you order one, be sure to call the night before or the morning of to confirm that they actually MADE your cake.  We got to the store and they had NO cake for us.  Finally, they said they would just make us a cake and give us our money back but it would take 10 minutes (which was AWFUL because we just swung by to pick it up on the way to the party.)  It's one of those images they print and put on the cake so I'm sure they have them at different stores.  

Here's the favor I made for the party.  I'm trying not to give so many little dollar store toys to kids for goody bags because well I dislike getting them.  I feel guilty throwing them away but they are usually cheap and break.  I've switched to only doing consumable favors (not just food but things like bubbles, crayons, etc... that can be used up.)  I was going to make cake balls but my friend Summer convinced me to do pretzel tiger tails which they do at Disneyland as Tigger tails.  (They actually have this as an idea of PBSkids too.)  I put them in a long bag and tied them with Halloween Divine Twine which looks great at a tiger themed party.  Dustin made the print out that I placed in the basket.

Have a grrrrrr-rific day, everyone!


  1. Wow!! Your little Avery tiger is so cute. Her birthday cake is so tempting, and I would like to book such a nice cake for my sweet little daughter birthday party at venue NYC. And hey dear do you have any idea which theme I should select for her birthday party?

  2. Cute! You did a good job on the pretzels. My daughter had a Daniel Tiger party as well for her 2nd birthday last Summer.

  3. Cute! You did a good job on the pretzels. My daughter had a Daniel Tiger party as well for her 2nd birthday last Summer.