Thursday, June 9, 2016

Market at Power Inn

One day, I received a message on my Instagram from Masa Taco Kitchen inviting me to a brand new event that was opening in April called Market at Power Inn to meet them and try their tacos (which are amazing.)  I had never heard of Masa Taco Kitchen or Market at Power Inn but when I started EatingElkGrove, I decided to push myself, do new things, and have new experiences.

My hubby and I headed to Market at Power Inn put on by the amazing people at Unseen Heroes for the very first event in April.  We also went back one time in May too.  Market at Power Inn is every Friday from 10am-2pm at Regional Transit Park and Ride at Power Inn and Folsom Blvd.  Though they call it a farmers market, I think of it more as a super trendy lunch spot where you can also buy produce, local prepared foods, and shop from craft vendors.


Food Trucks

Prepared Food Tents
Fun chairs to hang out in
They have this huge awesome tent where they set up seating; regular and high top tables with cute center pieces where you can eat your food in the shade.  There's a band playing and the vibe is awesome.  As you walk around the perimeter of the market you can find food trucks that rotate from week to week, tents where they prepare food like my new friends Masa Taco Kitchen, tables where people can sell their prepared foods like gourmet marshmallows, baked good, tamales, salsa, etc..., and farmers selling their local produce, flowers, and nuts.  The tented food and food vendors mostly stay the same from week to week.  The food trucks and craft vendors rotate.  I like to get some early lunch since I like going before it too hot, sit down, hang out a bit, listen to the live music, then shop for my produce and goodies before I leave.

Local produce
Locally baked bread

This is an awesome spot to hang out!  You can bring your kids and try all the fun samples.  It's a great place to talk to local farms and small business owners to learn about the food they sell.  I've also had some great conversations with the friendly people who attend, too!  I can't wait to go back again!

BBQ vendor

Masa Taco Kitchen 
You can check out the Market at Power Inn on Facebook or Instagram.

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