Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Unravel 2018 Wrap Up

WOW, you guys!  That was a crazy insane month fundraising for Unravel Pediatric Cancer!  I usually do one super long post on Facebook thanking everyone and I blog post but I figured I would just roll them together this year.

First, I want to say how thankful and humble I am for all the people who came out of the woodwork to help me on this project!  I need to thank Matt from Highflier Productions for making a video for me to spread the word and Tasha from Tasha Chizuru Designs for all the graphics for all the events.  I also appreciate all the media we received from The Elk Grove Citizen article, Good Day Sacramento came out to us twice (Boys Bakery/The Kitchen Table and Journey to the Dumpling/Flatland), and Studio 40 Live.

Next and really mostly, I have to thank the businesses that partnered up with me.  Each and every single one of them went above and beyond.  I asked so much from them and not one of them blinked. Not only did I ask them to donate money, give me their space, but I also asked for special items to be made.  It was a HUGE ask and each one of them were more gracious and wonderful than you could believe.  If you want to make a list of places you support, all of these guys should be on your list!

The Big Boba Theory!  They made us a signature drink, they advertised our event, and they told me to do whatever I needed to do when it came to decorating.  They also rounded up their donation to the cause.  They had so much passion and kicked my month off on the perfect food.

Boy's Bakery!  First off, Joe is so busy and so talented.  He is high sought after and needed absolutely no help from me to sell all his buns so the fact that he agreed to collaborate was purely the goodness in his heart.  He created a special Candy Corn bun for us AND he went on TV with me twice which makes him nervous.  He also donated ALL of his proceeds in addition to the insane amount of time it took him to bake.

The Kitchen Table East Sac!  Susan not only donated a portion of her proceeds from the ENTIRE day to us (and rounded up) but she opened early so we could have the news come out to film.  She helped me decorate.  She went above and beyond sharing on social media to bring in more people.

Flatland Brewing Company!  These guys bought edible drink glitter and brewed me a special beer.  Can you even believe that?!  They let me bring all my girliness and frills to their brewery.  They also more than DOUBLED the amount that they were originally going to donate. Plus I hear that they are still cleaning up glitter there.

Journey to the Dumpling!  These guys opened at 6am so we could go on the news when they don't normally open until 11am.  They made not one but TWO exclusive Unravel colored dumplings that were served one day only AND they trained their wait staff to explain the dumplings and let people know about the fundraiser.  They continued to collect donations once I left and gave them to me after.  The owners and wait staff also donated cash to us.

Old Town Pizza and Taphouse!  They reserved me an entire room.  They let me in early and set up all sorts of decorations including an entire table for kids to craft.  They extended the donation period by one hour and rounded up their donation.

Huge thank you to Maven Mindy for donating her proceeds on Sept 22.  Borderlands Bakery for the donation from their pop up as well!  Also to The Mix Baking Co for donating a cake to auction off!

I need to thank all my friends and family that showed up and supported me!  I constantly needed reassuring during this process and they had to deal with my whining, crying, and over exhausted rambling.  Thank you to my online community of bloggers, influencers, and all people who shared events!  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us!

Here are the totals:
The cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo donations were rounded up to $1535 and will be matched 200% coming to a total of $4605.
The proceeds from our partners came out to $1600.
Our GRAND TOTAL is $6205!

Thank you so much to everyone!  Also, if you want to donate to Unravel you can do you HERE.  It doesn't have to be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to help the kids.

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