Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Ippity Fundraiser for Tyler Armstrong

My heart is extremely heavy right now and I just wish there was more I could do. In my life before I had my own children, I worked with kids. I love babies and I love children.

I was working at a preschool when I met Tyler Armstrong and I fell in love with him immediately. I do believe the feeling was quite mutual as he used to lavish my face in slobbery kisses when I came into work each day. This sweet boy and his amazing smile warmed my heart everyday. I remember the joy in my heart when I taught him how to walk. I remember us calling his mom (who also worked at the school) to come over and see as he took his first careful steps. I remember the delight and love on her face when she saw him walking.

I've stayed friends with Tyler's aunt and through her, I've learned that he has Leukemia. This hit my heart like a ton of bricks. How could this happen to a little boy that I know and love? I thought this kind of thing only happened to strangers. Well, logically I know that's not true but in my heart I never thought this would hit so close to home. They JUST found out about his diagnosis in early February.

Now, there's not much I feel like I can do to help BUT if you would like to help me help the Armstrong family, I will be donating $5 from each Ippity set (available in my right sidebar) I sell this month to Tyler and his family to help on his road to recovery. Also, if you would like to donate directly to Tyler, please email me and I will take your donation to them on their fundraising event on March 13. I'd be MORE than happy to give them donations in anyone's name who would like to donate or buy a set from me. I will also be setting up my Etsy shop with cards and the money will go to Tyler.

I understand that during this hard economic time not everyone can afford to help out. I certainly could not donate all I wish I could. But this is my tiny way of helping and if you could help me to contribute, I would be so very grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


  1. What a wonderful cause, Ashley! I only wish I could understand why things happen the way they do. Best wishes on plenty of support!

  2. Ashley,

    I am leaving in a few hours for out of state. I am going to bookmark this so that when I return I can contact you to donate to him personally. I'm so sorry for him, his family and you.

  3. Ashley, Heart Hugs is the perfect name for your blog. You have one of the biggest hearts of anybody I know. I am so proud to call you my friend. Hearing Tyler's story breaks my heart. This is the sort of thing that should never happen.

  4. such a sweet cause, ashley! your so wonderful for making a difference in this little boy's life! bless both of you!