Friday, November 2, 2018

Disney on Ice:100 Years of Magic Media Night

Disney on Ice is back in Sacramento from Nov 1-4 for their 100 Years of Magic show at the Golden One Arena.  We were lucky enough to get invited to a media event before the opening and to see the opening show.  As per usual, Disney does not disappoint.

This show boasts 14 classic and modern stories.  There are 50 characters in the show and there are 30 songs.  We really loved Aladdin, Mulan, and The Lion King.  We don't recall seeing any of these songs in previous shows.  We also really enjoyed the Finding Dory number with the turtles, it felt different from the last time we went to Disney on Ice which was in February (you can read about that HERE.)  The entire format of the show changed which is great for people who go multiple times a year.

Of course, my daughter and I loved seeing all the Disney princesses and their princes.  Disney on Ice allows children under the age of 14 to dress up and my daughter wore her Snow While dress for the evening.  She was most excited to see Snow White since they matched!  Personally, I wish they would shorten the Frozen section of the show but I understand that all the little girls are still crazy about it.

Some frugal tips:
1. They have a $10 bottomless refillable soda.  If you are going to have a soda, buy it early and get those refills!
2. If you are on a budget, look at for the $10 opening night tickets.  They usually do them every opening night.
3. Gift your child a souvenir at home.  The gift items at the event can be expensive, picking up an item from a dollar store is a great alternative.
4. Look online for parking.  A lot of the garages will list the price and you can pick accordingly.
5. If you want to make a whole day of being downtown, check out the Downtown Ice Rink right across the street.  Opening day is only $2 to skate.  They even have a Princess and Superhero day this coming Saturday!  You can read about our experience with the ice rink HERE.

I recommend going to the show if you love Disney or ice skating.  It's just one of those classic things that doesn't get old.  We love singing along to the songs and seeing the magic.  I remember going to Disney on Ice as a kid and it still holds the same magic for me.  Actually, it holds more magic as I watch my baby girl's eyes light up with joy watching the show.

You can still purchase tickets from Ticketmaster.

As I mentioned before, we got to attend a media event before the show.  Honestly, every single day of my life and I am grateful for what blogging has brought to my family.  Somedays I'm a little more grateful than others.  Last night was one of the latter.

Disney on Ice invited our kids to come to the media event.  They were able to decorate cookies and color.  Then, they were able to meet Mickey and Minnie!!  My daughter ran up and gave Mickey the biggest hug.  I'm so sad I don't have a photo of it since I already gave my phone to the attendant taking photos.

Daddy helped her make a Minnie
She gave it an artistic spin

Fellow bloggers Jessica (read about her SPECIAL experience) and Janel (read about her gluten free experience)

The attendant told me they would only be taking family photos (no individuals) but my girl would not leave so I snapped this fuzzy pic.

Huge thank you to Disney on Ice for giving my daughter an experience she'll remember forever!

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